Lisa Cuddy, M.D. (doctorlisacuddy) wrote in willingtoliefor,
Lisa Cuddy, M.D.

[House, Cuddy, Closed. Um, a day after House's Phone posts]

Honestly, sometimes she wondered why she didn't just delete her stupid journal and feign ignorance to the steady march of posts on her computer monitor. She wouldn't be tempted to read or hear things she knew she was going to regret, especially in her slightly elevated emotional state. But this - this latest House rant - threw her into the dilemma of staying where she was, rolling her eyes over the whole affair, and actually doing something that would be productive as far as work went; or to give in to her complete desire to smack some humility into him.

She had this dilemma about twice a week, actually.

Only, this time, things were somewhat different now. Far more personal. Far higher stakes. She didn't like this latest downward spiral House seemed intent upon traveling - it was affecting his team and his one and only friend, a man whose patience could put Ghandi to shame had the man still been alive. The only question left now was: when would it start to affect his work?

"Get yourself together and get down to the Clinic," she said as soon as she entered House's office without knocking. Raising her wrist to look at her watch, she continued, "It's already ten minutes into your shift."
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