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Robert Chase, M.D.

Chase/House Bar Thread [Sorry if this intro is a tad long.]

Who: Chase, House; Closed (For Now).
Where: Harvey's Bar & Grill
When: Immediately following the unexpected events in House's office, and their subsequent consequences.

As the pair rode past the security guard booth at the exit of the Hospital parking lot, the guards eyed them suspiciously. Both House, Chase, and the rest of the ducklings were fairly well known through-out the Hospital staff. Well…with the exception of the Morgue staff now, apparently. But the only time you would cross their path is if you wound up dead, right? So, maybe making the friendly with them isn’t something to be highly concerned about. Plus, it didn’t help that House’s motorcycle was the only one in the entirety of the parking lot with a handicap sticker on the front, a cane hooked to its side, and was bright orange. Easily recognizable. So much for not drawing attention to our vehicle. Why didn’t we just take my car…

What was really bugging Chase was that he couldn’t figure out by the brief glances he had gotten of the security guard’s faces, whether the suspicious looks were because they were leaving at 11 A.M. and their shifts only started a mere 2 hours ago, or because the news of what had happened in House’s office had already spread like wildfire. This Hospital, after all, was known for its fast spreading of juice gossip. Feelings of co-workers be damned.

Once they were a few blocks away from the Hospital, all that fear and nervousness about the idea of having to face Cuddy and the so called ‘job cutting block’ anytime today was slowly diminishing. He’d have to face it eventually, along with House at his side, but right now…he just wanted to get wasted and eat some buffalo wings. Forget anything had ever happened. Unlikely though, if I know House, the topic of what happened at the Seminary and between my father and I, would be brought up eventually. I just need to decide if I want/can trust him enough to open up all the way. But, after a few beers, the idea that one would have a choice in opening up while half pissed was laughable.

House’s bike was riding better than Chase had ever imagined it would. It rode smooth, extremely comfortably, and it satisfied even Chase’s ‘need for speed’. The scent of fumes from the engine and the leather motorcycle jacket of his boss sitting before him, got his testosterone running full speed. Readjusting his grip around House’s waist as they pulled on to the near by highway, they clearly weren’t going to any of the pubs on campus, that was for damn sure. Smart thinking, get away from this part of town all together, make Cuddy and the rest really have to work at finding out where we are.

10, 20, 30 minutes later? He didn’t know, the whole ride his mind was jumping back and forth between his admiration for the motorcycle, and the worry of what was to come with regards to consequences of their actions only a little while ago. Had House not had been there, he’d probably would have ran and hid somewhere less public then a bar. Something he had done all too often as a child in the Seminary, whoever ever he was called to visit the rectory. He feared it, and that same type of fear was bubbling up inside of him even know. Finally pulling into a parking lot, House pulls into a handicap spot before turning off the ignition of the bike. Letting go of House’s waist and un-straddling the back of the bike, Chase loosens the strap beneath his chin and pulls the helmet off his head of hair, which now looked like some kind of road kill compared to its usual neat and shiny ways.. Trying to flatten the parts of his hair that was stuck off every which way, he looks up at the sign of the establishment House had parked in front of.

“Harvey’s Bar and Grill? How long exactly were we on that bike? I’ve never heard of this place before…”, the parking lot for the Bar and Grill being empty at this hour, with the exception of two or three cars who Chase assumed either belonged to the employees, or to people who were taking lunch a little early today. Like us.. Tossing the spare helmet back to House before stepping up on to the curb which lead towards the entrance, he waited for his boss to climb off the bike and join him on the curb before heading inside.
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